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Couples/Family Counseling

Supportive family members and significant relationships are a vital part of life. Even though every relationship has strengths and weaknesses, we still need them.  What do we do about the weakness? What works 

for one doesn't necessarily work for another, but it's all about learning how to make your own relationships thrive. 


How do we handle disagreements between parents and children or tension among siblings that go unresolved for years and years? Or how do couples overcome when relationships are impacted by disloyalty, unfaithfulness, and issues of trust?


In order for relationships to be at their best, the people involved have to be at their best.


I help couples and families work through any hindering conflicts and communication break-downs that effect their mental and emotional health.  By being very intentional in hearing each person's perspective and providing unbiased insight, couples/families are positioned for growth.  It is my hope that all unresolved areas be healed and bonds strengthened. 

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