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Individual Counseling

During the ups and downs of life, it makes a HUGE 

difference if you have someone who is uplifting to journey alongside of you - we just aren't meant to brave life alone. Even if you are married, apart of a big family, have tons of friends, or supportive co-workers; you want to have an objective person hear you process through your problems.  A person that won't get tired of you ranting over and over. A person that is non-judgmental and shows compassion. I am that person!


I work with men, women, children and adolescents who are seeking to improve their mental and emotional health by overcoming the hurdles in their lives.  I assist individuals with identifying their areas of struggle and with developing the right tools they need to meet their goals. 


Some of my experience includes, but is not limited to addressing the following issues:

  • sadness/depression

  • anxiety

  • grief/loss

  • anger

  • self esteem

  • stress

  • mild trauma

  • career changes

  • relationships issues



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