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Available Services

You may be deciding if counseling (or counseling with me) is right for you. No worries! Choosing a therapist who is a good fit is the first step in establishing an effective experience.  It is my priority to build good rapport and a comfortable therapeutic relationship, I treat each client genuinely and with the utmost respect.  

My style of therapy is integrative, collaborative, and very client-centered focused. I implement various techniques that best meet the individual needs of each client or family.  Because I believe that everyone has more insight about themselves than anyone else, I welcome each client to be open about what is and isn't working for them throughout therapy. The approaches that I find helpful and use most often are: brief-solution therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, family systems therapy, and a Christian-based perspective (when requested).

During the first visit, clients complete new client paperwork upon arrival.  We then review it together, discuss the presenting issues or any questions, and I gather more background information. I also share about my skills, experience, education, and what to expect during the therapeutic process.

The locations of service are in safe and nurturing environments with ample parking and handicap accessibility.  All clients' records are kept private and sessions are confidential.  

My availability to you, as your therapist, is via phone, text, email, and online chat. I offer convenience and flexible hours with the option for day, evening, and Saturday appointments.

Individual Counseling

I work with men, women, children and adolescents who are seeking to improve their mental and emotional health by overcoming the...

Couples/Family Counseling

I help couples and families work through any hindering conflicts and communication break-downs that effect...


Online Counseling

Through a private and secure platform, I meet with clients at their level of comfort.   Per the client's choice, we can...

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